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  Aero Club

The Hede municipality designed Hedlanda airport 1970. Today the airport is private and operated by friends of Hedlanda airport. We have formed an association “Hedlanda Flygförening” with some hundred members, about twenty of us with a pilot’s licence.

The members contribute to the maintenance and development of the airport by voluntary work or sponsor programs. Any one (person or company) wishing to support the airport may become a member.  

The Hedlanda Flygförening has provided the airport with a fuel farm, constructed a hangar, installed a diesel electric power plant, built a tiny restaurant and two furnished rooms with simple accommodation, primarily for weather stranded pilots.

Free camping “under the wing” is allowed for airborne visitors.

New projects are in the pipeline to further enhance the facilities at the airport. (See below)  

Most visitors are enthusiastic about the airport and other attractions available in the surrounding countryside. Hedlanda Flygförening keeps the runway open during the winter, thanks to the local snow removal company that happens to be a member of Hedlanda Flygförening.  

Airborne visitors are always welcome; the airport is open during daylight. Normally it is not attended, but members of Hedlanda Flygförening are always willing to show up on short notice and offer different services such us local transport, food and gas. All the relevant telephone numbers are displayed on the welcome board adjacent to the taxiway.

Some hundred aircraft arrive each year at Hedlanda airport. There is no landing fee because Hedlanda Flygförening wants all visitors to feel themselves as guests and share the experience of our attractive surroundings.

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Adress: Hedlanda flygförening
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Aero Club



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