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  Hedlanda airport is situated in the mountainous area of Vemdalen in the Härjedalen province, with famous ski-runs for downhill skiing, wilderness for the backpackers and hunters, excellent waters for the fishing enthusiast and close to Sonfjället national park. Fly-in with air shows, events and surprises will take place during two days at the airport, first weekend in August each year.

The airport is beautifully situated with Sonfjället and Vemdalsskalet mountains visible in the extensions of the runways (1175x33 meters, paved).

Fuel (F100 & 91/96) is available on request: 
+ 46 (0)684 668 590
Vi säljer ICAO-kartor över Sverige 90:-/st och Norge 175:/st

Simple accommodation is available at the airport.

Linedance under flygdagarna 2003. Klicka för större bild

  Final Birddog RWL 06. Klicka för större bild
Birddog final rwy 06

För bränsleservice tel:0684-668590 Vemdalens
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